Industrial Design for Products, Engineering Development and Prototyping

Detekt Industrial Design Company can help you develop your product and get it to market!

We work with all kinds of innovators and innovative businesses within the Middle East to take the best ideas and bring them to the global market. Some of our clients are start-ups; small and medium-sized companies and some are international corporations. Our role is to lead the product commercialization process.

Within our company we have a large team of experienced designers, qualified engineers and skilled manufacturing specialists that have years of experience living and working in Asia. With our combination of world-class product design and strong manufacturing links we are able to deliver a product that is cost effective to produce.


Listen to how DETEKT makes product development simple and easy for you.

To make the process of product development easy for our clients we take a stage-by-stage approach that matches our client’s pace and experience level. With a lot of new innovators in the market we are familiar with leading people through the steps for the first time. We get involved with both the product development and also the manufacturing coordination and as a result we can handle a wide range of needs meaning that no job is too big or too small for us to assist with.

Take the chance and get in touch with us so that we can assist you with your next development. We have a team that is ready to help and guide you along the exciting path of product commercialization. If you already have an idea lets get started.

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