Our Privacy Policy

Privacy is extremely important for our business and we know you feel the same. Please feel free to review the policies regarding privacy that we have. Let us know if you have any questions.


Website visitors

When you visit the DETEKT Design website we do not require any registration or to provide any personal information. It is only if you are providing an enquiry via our forms, which can be found on the Contact page and the Instant Quote page, that we require your email and phone number which makes it possible for us to get to you.

Like many business we use Google Analytics as a way to measure the performance of our website so that we can make sure it meets our customers expectations. The Google data doesn’t not include any of your personal information and only has things such as your IP address and how often you visit our site.



During your visit to our website the browser on your computer will likely store data from our site known as a ‘cookie’. We would like you to understand that these files are used by browsers to store information about the sites you visit.

There are ways to prevent the collection of your website visits by emptying your cache regularly and to consider using the “safe browsing” or “private browsing mode” available on the browser you are using.

Another popular method is to install the add-on called “disconnect.me” which also helps protect your online privacy.


When communicating with us

If you enter details, such as your name, email address, phone number we will store this data on our encrypted database.

This data is not passed to any other individual or organization without your consent.

Your email address will be added to our newsletter database and from time to time you will receive an update from us in this form. If you would not like to receive this newsletter you can simply opt out of the list.


Intellectual Property

The information on this website are owned by DETEKT Design Limited and our existing clients from around the world. We prohibit any reproduction, distribution, transfer or copying of this information without our written consent and approval.


Policy updates

This policy will change with time and we will include any updates available in the information on this page.


June 23, 2015