DETEKT Product Development Services

Product Development, Industrial Design Services tailored to meet your needs.

At DETEKT no two projects are the same! Each and every one has its own unique goal, purpose and requirements. The main focus for our service is to transform our client’s vision into reality. At the beginning we will review all of the details and talk at length, and with that information develop a plan the can deliver a successful outcome.

Whether clients have an initial product already or just a great early stage idea we can help. After we make an assessment of the project we will explain the process and what activities are required. Whether we begin with a Product Analysis step or an Electronics & Costing Evaluation we have the same end goal in mind.

What is really important at the beginning of the process is that the client’s requirements have been well understood. The product development process outlined in the proposal needs to be well understood by all parties involved. It doesn’t matter if the client is new to product development or an experienced veteran…this is a must.

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