Project Evaluation

Making your product a reality and a success story.

Sometimes a great idea comes along. Whether a better solution for an existing problem, or possibly a radical idea that could transform an industry altogether. We’ve all had these ideas from time to time.

Now we can all come up with a great idea but to make this product into a reality you are going to need some help. Before jumping into the design or engineering you need to take a deep breath and step back for a moment. Its time to evaluate the idea carefully, to think about the user expectations, identify who exactly is going to use it, how can it be designed to attract the audience who are going to value this new product. Aside from this lets make sure we are not reinventing the wheel and walking over familiar ground.

At DETEKT we are all to familiar with this early part of the product development process and are here to lead you through it, sharing our understanding of design, engineering and manufacturing.

Our project evaluation process consists of a 2-week Product Analysis and if your product involves electronics an Electronics & Costing Evaluation will be included .

The Product Analysis for those that have the following requirements:

  • – Looking to develop a new product idea
  • – Want to re-design and improve a product that already exists

The Product Analysis with cover a range of design, engineering and manufacturing considerations in preparation of the creative and technical work that will follow. It delves into how users will interact with the product, how to make sure the product fits with the company branding and other existing products, and how the engineering and manufacturing can be realized. With the right foundations laid for the product and our first-rate experience in Asia we can ensure the design-to-manufacturing is a success.


Project Evaluation Activities

  • Competitor Product Analysis
  • Product Cost & Sale Price Target
  • End-User Analysis
  • Product & User Expectation Evaluation
  • Environment & Usage Analysis
  • Safety & Maintenance Evaluation
  • Product Constraint Analysis

Electronics + Costing Evaluation

A product that has electronics inside has a few other things that are worthwhile evaluating prior to moving into the design and engineering activities. The great thing about electronics is that with a careful evaluation we can get a clear understanding of the product performance and potential manufacturing cost.

At the end of the evaluation the client will be able to make a commercial decision on the business opportunity and this often helps when partners and investors are involved.

Aside from the cost information we also look at the compliance requirements, which often involve various certifications, such UL, FCC, CE and RoHS. The certifications you require depend on where you are planning to import the product to and even as to what you claim your product will do. For electronics products this area is importance and is worth understanding, as it will have an impact on the delivery timeline.

The final report provided for the Electronics & Costing evaluation will provide a range of relevant options and our recommendations in regard to how your product can be realized, developed and manufactured.

The Electronics Feasibility Analysis is often used together with the Product Analysis to present ideas to partners, investors or pitch for early stage seed capital.